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Sparse Inverse Covariance Estimation Paper Published in NIPS Site

Today, I found that the work  “A Block-Coordinate Descent Approach for Large-Scale Sparse Inverse Covariance Estimation” joint with Eran Treister was published in the NIPS 2014 proceedings website. I will publish the algorithm code for this work and the Multilevel framework in a few days.

Hope that you enjoy it and please send me your comments!

Optimization Workshop OPT2014 in NIPS

Last week, I received the notice that the work with Eran Treister and Irad Yavneh was accepted in the optimization workshop at NIPS 2014. This is a follow up work the sparse inverse covariance work, where we present an acceleration framework based on multilevel techniques. The framework reduces the number of computations needed by defining an hierarchy of levels and updating a subset of the active set of non-zero elements. We tested the framework on QUIC and on BCD-IC algorithms with very interesting results, in particular for large-scale problems where the timings are reduced up to 10x.

See you at NIPS 2014 and in the OPT 2014 workshop.