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Source Code for MAP and MMSE Co-sparse Analysis Model

Thanks to some requests that I received lately, I decided to upload source code for the work “On MAP and MMSE Estimators for the Co-sparse Analysis Model”. Hope that this could be useful for more researchers. The code is in github publicly available. Please, I would like to hear you back from everyone using it.

ICASSP 2015 Paper Accepted

Today I received the announcement that the paper “Fusion of Ultrasound Harmonic Imaging with Clutter Removal Using Sparse Signal Separation” was accepted for a presentation in the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2015).

The work introduces a novel idea on how speckle noise can be reduced by using a fusion of the fundamental and 2nd harmonics acquired simultaneously. The idea is to remove clutter artifacts while fusing the two harmonic signals. We base the solution on our previous work on clutter mitigation using MCA and the idea of joint sparsity. The method results in improved images both in clutter mitigation and speckle noise reduction.

The conference will take place during April 19th – 24th, 2015 in the wonderful city of Brisbane, Australia.